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Cheers to: Raymond Chardonnay

Name of Wine: Raymond Chardonnay

Winery Location: Napa Valley California, USA

Type of Wine: Chardonnay (White)

How it Tastes: A bit sour but not over powering, like biting into a granny smith apple. It has a bold flavor, but does not leave a strong after taste. Has a mild buttery essence that cuts the sourness. Best enjoyed really chilled. ( I like to put it in the freezer for an hour before hand, just don’t forget to take it out!!!)

Interesting Fact: The Raymond family has been making wine for 5 generations

Pairs Best With:  A long conversation with one of your all time favourite girlfriends. The rich bold taste lends itself to sipping rather than gulping so there will be plenty of time to dive into the deep, juicy details of life.