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Uncorking: Raymond Chardonnay

Name of Wine: Raymond Chardonnay

Winery Location: Napa Valley California, USA

Type of Wine: Chardonnay (White)

How it Tastes: A bit sour but not overpowering, like biting into a granny smith apple. It has a bold flavour, but does not leave a strong aftertaste. Has a mild buttery essence that cuts the sourness. Best enjoyed really chilled. ( I like to put it in the freezer for an hour beforehand, just don’t forget to take it out!!!)

Interesting Fact: The Raymond family has been making wine for 5 generations

Pairs Best With:  A long conversation with one of your all-time favourite girlfriends. The rich bold taste lends itself to sipping rather than gulping so there will be plenty of time to dive into the deep, juicy details of life.