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Uncorking: Folonari Pinot Grigio Pink

Name of Wine: Folonari Pinot Grigio Pink

Winery Location: Veneto region of Italy

Type of Wine: Pinot Grigio

How it Tastes: Very light and refreshing, it does not have a strong flavour and leaves no aftertaste. An extremely mild tart fruit essence of raspberry, strawberry or sour cherry. It is similar to the experience of drinking a very mild ice tea, just a hint of flavour, refreshing and leaves your tongue feeling a bit dry. It is NOT sweet. Do not be fooled that all pink coloured wine is a sweet wine. This seems to be a common misconception that is due to the fact that the only pink wine widely available for a long time was Zinfandel which is typically sweet. Now, many wineries are producing roses and pink coloured wines that are not sweet in the least. Like this beautiful wine that is best served chilled. I like to chill my wine glasses as well to help keep the wine cool for longer.

Interesting Fact: Folonari supports ovarian cancer research and for the month of September donates¬†$0.50 per bottle for every bottle purchased anywhere in the U.S. and $1.00 per selfie on social media using #TurnMySelfTeal . A winery with a big heart, now that’s a great pairing.

Pairs Best With: A garden party. Mingling and chatting in the sunshine while enjoying the diverse beauty of flowers growing around you. This wine is light and easy to drink and lends itself to fun, blissful conversation. It tends to go down quickly so just be careful, or the flowers may not be the only thing in the garden bed.