Uncorking: Joiy


Name of Wine: Joiy

Winery Location:  Waipara, New Zealand and Australia’s Clare Valley

Type of Wine: 100% Waipara Riesling (Sparkling white)

How it Tastes:  Tart and citrus almost like a green apple sour skittle, the tartness and sour hit you first with a little aftermath of a tiny bit of sweetness. No lingering aftertaste, very smooth and easy to drink. Also adds very well to cocktails check out their website for recipes, or if you are a fellow G&T fan, add a splash to your next cocktail to take it to a whole new joiyous level.

Interesting Facts: It comes in a can! I never thought that delicious wine could be cracked open, but it just proves that you should never judge a wine by its label. The fact that it comes in a personal sized can is actually genius,  it doesn’t lose its bubbles!

This is the most fun you will have on a wine’s website. Joiy pays homage to the old children’s books where curiosity leads you to surprises full of joiy. (Which happens to be exactly how I came across this wine) . I LOVE their website welcome message: “WE TOAST THE MISCHIEF MAKERS with their spells of laughter and the game changers who alter our ever after. We cherish the irreverent. The gracious. The dare devils and the angels. Here’s to the blue sky dreamers and free thinkers. The smart. The savvy. The down to earth and audacious.”

Pairs Best With: Picnics, BBQ’s, laughter, hiking, sunshine, outdoor festivals, live music. Because it comes in a can you can pop it in your bag and carry it with you easily. It should defiantly be on your must bring list for all of your summer outdoor adventures.