Uncorking: The Wanted Zin

Name of Wine: The Wanted Zin

Winery Location: Puglia, Italy

Type of Wine: Zinfandel (Red)

How it Tastes: First flavour is oak, you can definitely tell that it has been aged in American oak barrels. Smooth to drink, no lingering aftertaste or punch you in the face dominant flavours. It has an underlining essence of homemade berry & spiced jam.

Interesting Fact: This wine has “protected geographical indication.” This indication is used to protect the reputation of the products coming out of the region. For example, a sparkling wine can only be called champagne if it comes from the champaign region.

The Orion winery which produces The Wanted Zin motto is “produce the best and most interesting wines possible at fair prices” Cheers to that!

“Old Vine” means exactly that, the wine comes from vines that are over 40 years old. As vines age they produce fewer grapes, so the grapes that they do produce become more concentrated with flavour, making it a desirable wine.

Pairs Best With: A night of indulgence, enjoying all the things you love, without feeling guilty for it.(With an awesome price point there is no need to feel guilty for enjoying this wine).