Exploring the World of Wine While Leaving the Complexities Behind

What does it mean when a wine has aromas of fresh cut grass? Is that a good thing? How can a wine be dry? Isn’t all wine wet? My wine is full bodied with nice legs? Should I be jealous? There are so many elements that determine the flavour of a wine (climate, terroir, type of grape used, barreling, ageing, etc.), but most of just want to know if the wine tastes good.

LWS is on a mission to explain wine in a way we can all understand. If it is sweet or tart, will it leave your tongue feeling like a desert?  To let you know if the wine is best enjoyed chilled. If it’s overpowering with flavour or subtle and mild. Nothing about grass.

We will also tell you about wine pairing, but not in the traditional sense, by explaining what life moments it pairs best with. Is this the type of wine you want to enjoy on a hot summer day on the patio or one you consume while blaring angry breakup music on your couch?

Want to go on a wine adventure?  We can help with that too. We will show you where in the world has the most unique and exciting wine experiences for you to discover.

Most of us just want to drink a glass of wine and know if we will enjoy it or not. It is our job to make this as easy as possible for you. So, raise your glass, now fill it with wine and cheers to the enjoyment of it all from the first sip to the last!

Is there a wine that you would like LWS to explain? Let us know in the comments section below.