Sunshine Blogger Award

A great big thank you to  the awesome Nikki Fica and Sarah Bettencourt at Travel Foodie Mom for the nomination. You ladies rock! It makes my heart happy that you are living a life you love. Here are my answers to their questions;     1.When did you start blogging? I did it as a hobby on and off for many…read more

Why We Need to Stop the Judgement

  I want to start a revolution. A non judgement revolution where people are free to define and live their own happiness. North America is an extremely judgemental place to live. Who wore it better? Who has the best house? Who gained weight? Who looks younger? Who has the best job/partner/life? As a society we are consistently judging other people…read more

Change is Good

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Change is good.  It is, in fact, the only thing constant in life. Closing the page on one chapter means starting a brand new page of another. New beginnings mean fresh starts, a blank canvas to paint the masterpiece of your choosing. The ending of a major part of life can bring a certain level of sadness. Something is over,…read more

The Major Life Things I Stopped Caring About In My 30’s

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Being Single “Why are you still single?” I shudder every time someone asks me this. This question is like sharp nails slowly peeling their way down a chalkboard. How do people expect me to honestly answer this question? I have no idea why I am single. Thanks for asking. Watching everyone around you get married and build a life together while being…read more