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Uncorking: The Wanted Zin

Name of Wine: The Wanted Zin Winery Location: Puglia, Italy Type of Wine: Zinfandel (Red) How it Tastes: First flavour is oak, you can definitely tell that it has been aged in American oak barrels. Smooth to drink, no lingering aftertaste or punch you in the face dominant flavours. It has an underlining essence of homemade berry & spiced jam.…read more

Uncorking: Raymond Chardonnay

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Name of Wine: Raymond Chardonnay Winery Location: Napa Valley California, USA Type of Wine: Chardonnay (White) How it Tastes: A bit sour but not overpowering, like biting into a granny smith apple. It has a bold flavour, but does not leave a strong aftertaste. Has a mild buttery essence that cuts the sourness. Best enjoyed really chilled. ( I like…read more